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Anime Background
After the success of "Zoids", Tomy decided to produce another anime based on the Zoids toy line. "Zoids New Century Zero" is the second anime series about Zoids and consists of 26 episodes. It's unrelated to the previous series "Zoids". The series was broadcast in Japan from January 2001 to June 2001. The anime had the same 3D CG production team and same director, which had previously worked on Zoids Chaotic Century. Oddly, "Zoids New Century Zero" was the first series of the Zoid franchise to be picked up by Viz Media for the North American audience and so it was the first of the Zoids series seen by this audience.

Plot Summary
In this series Zoids are not a tool of the war. The main focus of this series shifts from the previous focus on wars which had been in the original battle stories as well as the plot to the previous anime. Instead the anime entirely shifts to a competitive tournaments for profit. The Zoid Battle League has produced a fair and original rules of combat for games of Zoid vs. Zoid. These battles are presided over by robotic Judge Men. In it a junk dealer named Bit Cloud joins Steve Toros and the Blitz Team. They partake in sanctioned battles for profit. Eventually they are harrassed by the Backdraft Organization as part of their plan to attain the Ultimate X Zoids.

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