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Anime Background
"Zoids Genesis" is the fourth Zoids animated series. Again a new toyline was released along with the show. The show consisted of 50 episodes and aired on TV Tokyo from April 2005 to March 2006. The show was licensed by Viz Media in 2007 and was announced to be a part of Toonami Jetstream in North America. It has not, however, been released and so Genesis has not been seen by many English speaking fans. The series was covered by two fan-sub groups at the time.

Plot Summary
Zoids Genesis is about the grand adventure of a boy named Ruuji Familon. Ruuji has, all his life, never been able to pilot a Zoid. However, during a Bio Zoid attack on his village, Ruuji stumbles into the cockpit of a newly excavated, large Liger Type Zoid, and he brings the Murasame Liger to life. As he clumsily battles the Bio Raptors, two other large Zoids, the Sword Wolf - piloted by Ra Kan - and the Lanstag - piloted by Re Mii, join the battle to save Ruuji's village. Despite their efforts, the village's generator is damaged, and Ruuji must embark out with Ra Kan and Re Mii to find an engineer who can repair the generator.

As he travels, Ruuji learns more about the origins and the intent of Digald, the country using the Bio Zoids. Finding that many people all over the continent have had their homes and lives ruined by Digald's tyranny, Ruuji starts to see that there may be something more important to do than just focus on repairing his own village's generator.

Genesis employs various unique traits that separate it from the other series. First there are the generators, which seem to help villages prosper as well as create Regel. Regel is a fuel that Zoids need to operate, it is only obtainable from generators. Also, the only weapons capable of defeating Bio Zoids are made out of Metal Zi, or Leeo, which all seven of the main protagonists seem to possess. Murasame Liger, Sword Wolf, Lanstag, Rainbow Jerk, Deadly Kong, Bamburian and Soul Tiger all have Leeo weapons.

The final, and probably most important, trait to this series is Murasame Liger's ability to evolve, or Evolt, into two other forms - Hayate Liger and Mugen Liger. It's a mysterious ability that seems tied to Ruuji's feelings.

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