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Anime Background
"Zoids Fuzors" is the third animated show produced to push the Zoids model toys. It's an odd chapter in the animated Zoids series because it was specifically pushed by Hasbro to help advertise the North American release of BLOX Zoids, called "Z Builders" for the American release. Thus, Zoids Fuzors actually aired in the United States before it aired in Japan. Unfortunately, it bombed and was cancelled after 13 episodes. It did, however, complete its run in Australia and had an Australian release of DVDs. The later aired Japanese version has some smoother model animation for the Zoids and episode two was completely rewritten and reanimated.

Plot Summary
The series focuses on a character named RD. He's the brash hero character who thinks he's the best Zi Fighter in the world, and with aquiring some Fuzor partners, he actually is. He works for Mach Storm, a group that takes on odd sorts of jobs, like courier work and protecting places from wild Zoids. They have a rival team called Savage Hammer, whose true motives are unclear. Mach Storm also often works with the Peace Keeping Bureau (PKB), a police force that protects Blue City, though RD gets himself in trouble with the PKB from time-to-time.

RD is still inexperienced but wants to prove himself every chance he gets. Unfortunately this leads him to make a lot of mistakes and cockiness becomes his biggest character flaw. The story originally starts off hinting that RD is searching for the legendary Alpha Zoid. Later on in the series, unexplained Zoid attacks on buildings and people start to happen, and someone quite dastardly appears to be pulling the strings. His goal is rather a mystery, but Mach Storm and RD with his Liger Zero will do their best to protect Blue City.

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