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Board Rules
« on: September 11, 2007, 01:04:02 AM »
Board Rules

1. No Foul Language. - This Zoids forum is open to fans of all ages, foul language does not belong, period. Do not bypass the word filters either. Repetitive effort to do so will get you a temporary ban.

2. No Insulting Other Members. - Be respectful of your fellow members. Flaming and/or Trolling is also unappreciated and will get you in trouble fast and will often result in the closure of a thread. If a member keeps doing this despite warnings, they will be placed on moderated posting until they shape up. Don't create multiple accounts to get around this (or other rules).

3. NO LINKS or DISCUSSION of Illegal or Pornographic materials. - Keep the content on the board proper, there are kids here. MP3s, torrents, and other illegal means of downloading or sharing copyrighted material are not allowed on this board. Breaking this rule will almost certainly result in a ban.

4. Concerning Spam... - Don't post useless gibberish. It's okay for topics to deviate some naturally and for people to be a bit silly, but keep the IM-style conversations to IMs. No one-word posts or topics please.

5. No Harassing Members Through PM. - Do no use the Private Messaging system to harass or sexually harass other members. If anyone IS harassed, let me know through PM or email right away so it can be dealt with quickly. Harassment will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

6. Signature and Avatar Sizes. - To be considerate of those with slow internet and small screen resolutions, please keep to the following. Signature images should not exceed the dimensions of 600x250 pixels, and shouldn't be more that 100kb in filesize. No more than one fullsize image. Multiple smaller images are okay as long as they stay within the general 600x250 area. Avatars should also not exceed 100kb in filesize.

If you see another member breaking the rules, don't jump on them about it. Contact one of the staff members and let them handle the problem.
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