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ZOIDS Planet Zi

Zoids Zi (Singapore)

By: 塩崎 雄二 (Yuuji Shiozaki)
Published: 2002-2003
Serialized: Coro Coro Comics (12/2001-07/2003)

"Zoids Planet Zi" is three volume series about an ace pilot named Kugo who lands on Planet Zi while searching for a planet that people from Earth could move to. He receives a distress signal and, ignoring his mission, goes to investigate. However, he crashlands on the planet and his ship is too damaged to fly again. He then encounters a Konig Wolf.

This series had an English release in Singapore from Chuang Yi Publishing.

Published: 2002-06-28

Published: 2002-12-25

Published: 2003-07-28
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