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Zoids Battle Card Warrior Commander Teru

Zoids Commander Teru (Singapore)

By: 溝渕 誠 (Makoto Mizobuchi)
Published: 2001-2002
Serialized: Coro Coro Comics

"Zoids Commander Teru" is two volume series about a boy named Teru participating in a Zoids Battle Card Game tournament. It sounds quite similar to other card game inspired series, such as "Yu-Gi-Oh!" This series had an English release in Singapore from Chuang Yi Publishing. It's based on the Zoids Battle Card trading card game, which is made up of Zoid, Pilot, Event and Custom cards and featured mini collectable Zoids that could be placed on a game mat.

Published: 2001-02

Published: 2002-04-26
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