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Zoids Generations

Written by: 田村登正
Illustrated by: Mercy Rabbit
Published: 2007-08-18
Serialized: Dengeki Hobby Magazine (4/2005-9/2006)

"Zoids Generations" is an illustrated novel that was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine and later published as a collection within an artbook. It featured illustrations and photos of customized Zoids. The main character is Midori, a Zoid pilot living in a small village. She pilots a Liger Zero variant, the Liger Blue Souga. One day while Midori is out training, her village is attacked by three Zoids. It turns out to be a test for Midori, set up by her grandfather. She joins the commando unit and travels with them. The setting seems to be in a "Zoids Genesis" like world, where the team fights against Bio Zoids.

Midori was the most popular character and has had a couple figurines released of her and she has appeared in a few of the Zoids video games. A handful of the Zoids from the series saw special releases under Dengeki Hobby, including Midori's Liger Blue Souga (as a model and as a CAS unit for a regular Liger Zero), Rez Tiger, Hebby Rhimos and Hound Soldier (sold together), and Liger Red Hiou.

Published: 2007-08-18

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