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Beast Machines New Century Zoids

Zoids Chaotic Century (USA)

By: 上山道郎 (Michiro Ueyama)
Published: 1999-2002
Serialized: Coro Coro Comics (5/1999-10/2001)

"Beast Machines New Century Zoids" is five volume series about Van Fleiheit (Ban Freiheit) as he meets Zeke (Sieg) and Fiona (Fine). Together with his new friends, Van starts out on an adventure to help Fiona regain her memories, protect the new friends he makes, and become the best Zoid pilot he can be. Along the way, he is often confronted by Raven, a young man who detests Zoids and desires that all Zoids are destroyed.

Though there are many similar characters as the corresponding anime series, the storyline differs greatly, adding new characters, and not including others. Van's adventures are very different and there are new unique Zoids, some of which have human spirit-forms. Unfortunately the story does not have a fully realized ending. Though Ueyama has continued the story on his website using the title "Beast Machines New Century Zoids EX", it is currently on hold due to other projects.

This series was licensed by Viz Media and released in English under the title "Zoids Chaotic Century." It was published in fourteen small volumes, with an average of two chapters per book. It covers the entirety of the version published by Coro Coro Comics.

Published: 1999-12

Published: 2000-05

Published: 2000-12

Published: 2001-04

Published: 2002-01
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